Airbnb Scam: How To File A Claim

Don’t worry about a potential Airbnb Scam

“Better than renting in a hotel,” that’s what’s most people’s reactions after an experience staying in a place with Airbnb. Don’t worry about any potential Airbnb Scam as there is a host guarantee.  People are becoming interested in listing their properties on Airbnb website especially when they heard about this new Host Guarantee which offers host a $1,000,000 for damage to your property as a host.

But there are things you need to remember when considering listing your property or even filing for the host guarantee claim.

What Countries does the Host Guarantee cover?

Yup, not all countries are covered by the host guarantee program. Hosts in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States are currently eligible.

How Does the Airbnb host Guarantee process work?

Airbnb believes that any issues can be resolved by the host and the guest so it’s always best to resolve it within them. If it’s something which require other party then that will be the time a host can check for the terms and conditions which should be eligible to the situation and file for a claim to Airbnb Host Guarantee.

The host has 14 days from the guest’s check out or before the next guest checks in (whichever comes first) to submit their request. If the payment request was submitted on time, they will receive a confirmation email and a follow up emails to discuss the next step. After receiving all proper documentation from the guest and the host they will evaluate the payment request and contact the host.

The length of the process may vary depending on the severity of the case but they usually try to resolve any issues a week after the submission.

What Should a Host do before submitting a payment request?

If it’s something urgent, the host should always contact the police, emergency personnel or the proper authorities then contact the customer service. It’s always best if you contact your guest about the complaint and if it’s something both parties are not able to resolve within themselves they should file a police report. A police report is encouraged in all cases and is required for payment requests that exceed US$300.

What information you need to provide with the request?

Documents and information you are required to provide are photographs of the damage being claimed, police report for any damage that is over US$300, receipts or some alternative evidence of the accurate fair market value or report cost and any other documentation that you feel will be helpful to process the request.

How  should you submit an Airbnb Host Guarantee payment request?

You should log in to your Airbnb account and submit it online. Payment requests are subject to the terms of the Host Guarantee so make sure you have read the terms and conditions very carefully before submitting a claim.

Airbnb New York: How Does this Host Guarantee Provides Peace of Mind For Airbnb Hosts In New York?

Airbnb New York Is It Legal?

If  people are not aware of Airbnb and everything is all new to the crowd, would you be willing to list your property to Airbnb New York? Would you let a total stranger sleep right next to your room or in your bedroom? To most people they would think, why should I take the risk of someone you don’t have any connections to sleep inside your house?

But this so called crazy idea has surpassed by two friends and founders of Airbnb, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia when they proved to the crowd that this is something big and not just one of those stupid ideas.

For people who wanted to list their property but still hesitant to become one of the hosts, let me give you one great reason why you should start listing your property on Airbnb. This is about the Host Guarantee which will reimburse you for any damage to your property of up to $1,000,000.  

What does this host guarantee Covers?

I’ve been a host with Airbnb since 2010 and I don’t have any experience of property damage which of course I don’t want to happen. But in such a rare scenario, Airbnb is willing to cover any property damage this is subject to certain conditions, limitations and exclusions. You can check all the details in the terms and conditions.

Hosts who claim for the host guarantee must agree to cooperate with Airbnb New York and its insurers and should provide any kind of document on the loss they are claiming and they should also agree to inspect the case if necessary.

What Are Those Not Included?

The host guarantee is not an insurance or should be considered as replacement or stand in for homeowners or renters insurance, it does not include cash and securities, collectibles, rare artwork, jewelry, pets or personal liability.

I would recommend removing all important documents or valuables before you guest checks in. Consider independent insurance to cover such items. Other reasonable wear and tear items will not cover by the Host Guarantor.

How Does It Work?

Airbnb advice in any emergency situation they should immediately contact any emergency personnel, police or other proper authorities. Report what happened to the Airbnb’s Customer Service after the incident. Most issues are usually able to resolve by the guest and the host, so if a guest incurred any property damage or loss, they should speak and notify the host first.

When a situation is not properly resolved between the host and the guest, the host may review the terms and conditions which apply to the situation and then file or submit a request to Airbnb. The host should submit their request 14 days from the guest’s check out or before the next guest checks in, whichever is earlier. They will send a confirmation email or follow up emails to discuss next steps for the payment requests submitted on time. From there they will review all the documentation and the cooperation of the host and the guest.

Airbnb Coupon Code 2014 (Working One)

Working Airbnb Coupon 2014

Airbnb the allegedly stupid idea by two friends which became a billion dollar company as of today, is becoming more and more popular to people who are searching for a place to stay and people who want to list their place.

According to Brian Chesky who is the CEO and co founder of Airbnb, the start up of Airbnb was never easy. People around them thought it’s a dumb idea, they had trouble finding investors and also they considered whether to publish an Airbnb coupon code for 2014. They talked to them and proposed the idea but they did not invest in it so they have to do crazy things like selling cereals, it was a special-edition Cheerios boxes for the 2 presidential candidates called ‘Obama O’s’ and ‘Cap’n McCains’ to fund the project.

One of the hardest part is finding people to list their place on the website when they’re starting up. I personally would not list my place if Chesky and Gebbia would have ask me when Airbnb is still unknown to people. I thought, “never in the world will I let someone who I don’t have any idea who that person be sleeps in my house, that would be absurd!”

But, here I am now. Taking time to list my place and thinking of finding other places to list on Airbnb. I’ve noted the steps you need to do if you want to become a host of Airbnb.

  1. List your property. Of course if you want to become a host you should list your place by clicking the yellow button that says ‘List your space’ which is located on the top right of any page on the site. It will take you to a form where you can enter initial details like the home type, room type, number of people the place could accommodates, city etc.

Make sure your title and description on the property is something very descriptive and clearly written. Be aware of the spelling or any grammatical errors, those are big turn-offs to possible guests. On the other hand, descriptions should be very detailed and should give your prospective guests a great sense of what to expect.

Photos are the best way to show your property to your prospective guests. You can upload as many as 24 photos of your space, make sure photos are well lit, in focus and it shows exactly the same as your property.

  1. Communicate with your potential guest. There’s an option for you to pre-screen your guests before they even hit your inbox by setting reservation requirements. You can do this by going to ‘Your listings” and click ‘Reservation requirements’ in the navigation panel.

If  your guests have questions on the property they can just message you via Airbnb. This way you’ll get the chance of getting to know your potential guest, you can also approve nor ignore the request. This is also available on your phone if you download the mobile app via airbnb however there will be no personal information will be exchanged until reservation is confirmed.

  1. Book it. You will have the option of sending a prospective guest a pre approval to book your place within 24 hours. All reservation requests are sent in your Airbnb inbox.

In regards to payout, when accepting a reservation, Airbnb will take the full payment from the guest right away but they will put a hold on the money in 24 hours after the check in date and they will send the money the way you want it to receive.

  1. Host. Once the payment gets through, all of the direct contact information of your guest will be provided to you and your contact information will also sent to your guest. This will give you more convenience on contacting each other regarding meet ups, directions how to go to your place and key drop off.

Best Airbnb Coupon: How To Book An Apartment Using One

Latest Airbnb Coupon 2014 Save You $50.

When someone introduced me to this Airbnb website, I have never booked a hotel anymore whenever me and the whole family go out of town and needs a place to sleep. More and more people are becoming aware of this quite new accommodation.  Because it’s expensive we always try to find an airbnb coupon especially in 2014.

Who would have thought that the idea of two friends who started renting out their three airbeds would just stumbled into something massive? Most people thought this is such a crazy idea, and never in the world would let any stranger just sleep inside their house. But boom, in just a span of 5 years Airbnb became a $2.5 billion company used by an estimated 50,000 to 60,000 people a night and the keystone of the emerging “sharing economy.”

Some people who are not familiar with Airbnb may ask, how they will make the reservation? I made the step by step procedure how to book for your future travel.

  1. Search. When you go to the website, it will ask you where to go and the date of your booking. Search is located on the top portion of the main page. You can also narrow your search by using the filters on the right side of the search results. You can filter by the type of the property, price neighborhood. If you require other amenities like wireless internet, or if you smoke, or if you’re planning to take your pets with you etc. make sure to indicate that in your search.  Different hosts offer different amenities.

You can also do map searching by selecting the map view and click the map button to the right of the search box. You can check the box which says ‘Redo search in Map’ to update the search results when you move the map.

  1. Contact. You can ask the hosts all questions you may have by clicking the ‘Contact Me’ button below their profile photo. You can message the host on the availability, about the place and nightly rate of the property.

As soon as you message the host and send you pre approval or special offer, it will include a link which says ‘Book It’ that link will take you to the payment section which will confirm your reservation straight away.

  1. Book. The other way of making the reservation is by clicking the ‘Book It’ button on a property and that way it will send the host a formal reservation request. The host has 24 hours to respond, they can either approve or reject your request. There are listings showing ‘instant Book’ meaning you can just go ahead and book the place, no need for the approval of the host and if you click on it that will confirm your reservation right away.
  1. Travel. Finally, on your arrival day make sure to contact the host regarding your arrival time, details on the property, meeting set up, key drop off etc. You may contact your host a week prior to your arrival to ensure all details are correct



Airbnb Reviews: How To Get The Best Deal

Read our fav Airbnb Reviews below

Airbnb has been very successful after introducing it to the people in 2008. It’s a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover and book different accommodations all over the world. Certainly much cheaper and very homey type of accommodation than a usual hotel can offer. Lots of good Airbnb reviews starting coming through.  But how did airbnb started?

Two friends both 27 met five years earlier at Rhode Island School of Design were having trouble paying their rent. There was a design conference to San Francisco and all the hotels near the place were fully booked. They thought renting out their three airbeds into their living room and cook them for breakfast would be a great idea. They created a website which is the next day. After almost a week, 3 people from different countries were renting out their place.

These friends were Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky. Both of them actually wanted to become entrepreneurs. Chesky worked at Simon Cowell show American Inventor in LA as a designer and left his job and moved to San Francisco. And he then became the CEO and co-founder of airbnb.

They created a website where the locals are able to list their place and people will go ahead to rent it. One good thing about this is that you’ll have a chance to ask the host any questions on the place before making any reservation. Communication is very easy.  You can get an instant response as Airbnb just released new versions of mobile apps which gives the hosts and guests better tools for managing their listings where ever they go.

They got different views of people, some actually most people would say it’s a crazy idea. Even Chesky and Gebbia thought that the idea is not going to work, maybe it will but it’ll only work for one week just enough time to pay for their bills. But just when they thought it wouldn’t, they came out with a bigger idea.

They tried to introduce this idea to the investors but they did not invest in it. They thought the idea is absurd. So what they did is fund it themselves. They sold collectible cereal and other things. They got the San Francisco based incubator by Paul Graham which is the Y Combinator and they flew back every weekend. They personally took photos of all the apartments to put them online, they live in the hosts’ living room to personally experience how it feels and from there it’s starting to grow little by little and people are becoming aware of this idea.

At first they thought that no one will enjoy living in other people’s home and the only way you will do that is because it’s cheaper to stay at someone else’s place than checking into a luxurious hotels which is very much expensive. But this kind of thinking was changed when people leave comments to the hosts how they loved and enjoyed staying in their place. They love the idea of feeling at home away from home.   

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